Wireshark.org and IPv6 plumbing

Wireshark has supported IPv6 since dirt was new. Unfortunately, the wireshark.org web site has only been available over IPv4. Until now, that is. If you are IPv6-enabled, you can reach the Wireshark web site at http://ipv6.wireshark.org. Nota bene:

  • The address above is only available over IPv6.
  • The main address for the site (http://www.wireshark.org) is still IPv4-only. We’ll add an AAAA record after a suitable evaluation period.
  • Other Wireshark sites (such as the bug tracker, wiki, and buildbot) are still IPv4-only for the time being.

In order to encourage the adoption of IPv6 I think the phrases “indoor plumbing” and “outdoor plumbing” should be used to refer to native and tunneled IPv6, respectively. Once you point out that an ISP has outdoor plumbing, they’ll want to add native IPv6 support out of shame.


  1. Wireshark.org is hosted at SoftLayer. They have indoor IPv6 plumbing.
  2. Wave Broadband is so behind the times! I’m stuck with outdoor IPv6 plumbing at home!