The History of Wireshark in 3 minutes

Few days ago, I learned about a cool visualization program called Codeswarm which, surprisingly, is made by a guy that lives in Davis California like me. Codeswarm can be fed with the logs from a source code repository and produces an animated history of that source code. Soon enough, my weekend project became the creation a video that would condense the 11+ years of the Wiresahrk source code in 3 minutes. The result can be seen here:

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11 thoughts on “The History of Wireshark in 3 minutes

  1. Chris Maynard

    Very impressive! So impressive that I had to go create one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Elliott Aldrich

    That is fantastic!
    Loris – Is the music created and synced by Codeswarm or did you add that yourself later? There are some moments where the music really enhances the visuals well.

  3. Brock

    Very cool – first instance of Codeswarm I’ve seen (or heard of, for that matter)… good choice of music and great job editing… just the right pace, good synch 🙂

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