Sharkfest ’10 Is Going To Be Awesome

We just finalized the schedule for Sharkfest ’10. This year’s agenda includes:

  • Van Jacobson and Harry Saal, who formed protocol analysis with their bare hands
  • Two three wireless security experts including Mike Kershaw and Thomas D’Otreppe, the creators of Kismet and Aircrack-ng
  • Network security experts including nmap creator Gordon “Fyodor” Lyon
  • Five six many amazing protocol analysis instructors, including Laura Chappell, Betty DuBois, Sean Walberg, and Joe Bardwell
  • Several members of Wireshark’s development team
  • Protocol, network, and application performance experts from Citi, Google, and Intel
  • Lots of other great presenters. See for yourself.

The attendees are amazing and knowledgeable as well.

Tell your boss I said you should go.