Wireshark 1.12 Officially Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Wireshark 1.12.0! This is a fairly significant release for us, as we expect it to be the very last release using the GTK toolkit in the default interface (see this post for our plans to replace it).

Wireshark 1.12 contains a substantial number of fixes and new features, representing just over a year of development effort. Check out the release notes for full information on what’s new and improved, and download it now!

If you have any issues with the new version, please file a report in our bug tracker.

11 thoughts on “Wireshark 1.12 Officially Released!

  1. L.Grove

    Version 1.12 does not capture IEC61850 MMS massage any more. The MMS will be shown in T.125. This is not right.

  2. Andy Konecny

    The install faults on one bit, that it uninstalls the previous version, and only then tells me there may be issues running it on XP and it recommends the version it just uninstalled. Kind of backwards.
    Yes some of us are still stuck with some XP around because software doesn’t self recompile its own architecture to work on Vista+, especially when the source code is no longer available. Think about that great tool you found on the internet who’s author passed away years ago.
    So far version 1.12 hasn’t blown up on XP.

  3. Graham Bloice

    @ Andy Konency, from the release notes:

    2.4. Platform Support

    Support for Windows XP has been deprecated. We will make an effort to support it for as long as possible but our ability to do so depends on upstream packages and other factors beyond our control.

    However the installer could warn XP users before doing anything.

  4. ladroop

    i’m not a specialist in this but i used it to capture some packages from a rtmpt stream (filter rtmpt.function.response).
    version 1.10.7 captures them , version 1.12 does not

  5. Idan

    Just wondering whether the new UI will support retina displays, right now it looks quite pixelated.

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