Monthly Archives: November 2009

Chrome OS

Today I followed the announcement of the new Chrome OS from Google and the acclaiming response it received. Am I the only one thinking: very simple, maybe TOO simple?

Since the beginning of the “browser as an OS” idea, I always wondered how I am supposed to run my favorite program, Wireshark, in a browser. Wireshark, of course, is an example, but many people do things with computers that don’t translate well into the cloud paradigm. Will they just be dismissed by OS manufacturers as a “nerdy minority”? Or will they need to stick with old uncool OSes to do their things? I’d like to be cool too, Google, but I’d still like to run Wireshark.

Another thing I feel weird about: Google is telling me not to worry about data loss, because from now on all my documents will be online. Nothing will need to be saved locally.
Actually, I like that my documents stay in my computer. Am I really the only one in the world? I’m not only talking about personal stuff like the love letters to my wife or the drunk pictures at the party last week. What about the trace files that I get all the time from customers? Will they have to go online too? Hmm, I’m sure my customers will love having them on Google’s server.

I can already hear the objection: “this OS is for netbooks, and netbooks are only used for simple things like going online, so this is perfect for them”. Actually, I love using Wireshark on a netbook! Together with an Airpcap adapter, it’s the perfect portable wireless troubleshooting station.
Why does small need to mean “limited”? Personally, I’d actually love to run Wireshark on my wireless-enabled IPod Touch! Ok, maybe I’m going too far…