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The History of Wireshark in 3 minutes

Few days ago, I learned about a cool visualization program called Codeswarm which, surprisingly, is made by a guy that lives in Davis California like me. Codeswarm can be fed with the logs from a source code repository and produces an animated history of that source code. Soon enough, my weekend project became the creation a video that would condense the 11+ years of the Wiresahrk source code in 3 minutes. The result can be seen here:

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Running Wireshark as You

Running Wireshark on Linux involves an interesting challenge1: Capturing packets requires root access, but Wireshark is big program and we strongly recommend against running it with elevated privileges. On Linux it’s common to see Wireshark running as root, but this is nearly unheard for similarly-sized applications like Firefox and GIMP. How can we avoid running Wireshark as root? Continue reading