Monthly Archives: May 2011

Looking forward to Sharkfest ’11

I’ve been looking over the session schedule for Sharkfest ’11. Once again Janice and Sheri have created an event which guarantees a wealth of knowledge and insight for everyone attending.

What to expect

Sharkfest is small. This is on purpose. We limit the size of the conference in order to allow more one-on-one communication between the attendees and presenters.

It has a high knowledge density. Our strategy is to gather together a bunch of people who are excited about Wireshark and protocol analysis, and know what the heck they’re talking about. We do our best to make sure the presentations focus on usable information with a minimum of fluff.

How to get the most out of Sharkfest

Sharkfest is active, not passive. Mingle. Compare notes. Many of the attendees are Wireshark power users, but many are not. Everyone has something insightful to share. The worst thing you can do is keep to yourself.

For the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to witness the top people in protocol analysis exchanging and sharing ideas. I look forward to seeing the same thing this year. See you there.