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Cool New Stuff

Hello everybody, we’ve got a handful of miscellaneous announcements for you today. They all just happened to occur within a handful of days, so it made more sense to lump them all into one post.

  • Development version 1.99.1 was released, another milestone on the road to 2.0 and our shiny new Qt interface. You can read the full announcement with release notes here, and download it from the “Development Release” section of here!
  • Tweet tweet! That’s right, we have an official twitter handle now for announcements and the like. It is shared by several of the core developers, but mostly run by our fearless leader Gerald. Follow us @WiresharkNews to find out more!
  • Thanks to the hard work of our Debian maintainer Bálint, we now have an Ubuntu PPA (Personal Package Archive) containing the latest stable Wireshark releases pre-built for all the supported Ubuntu releases. If you’ve ever wanted the latest and greatest Wireshark on an older version of Ubuntu, now’s your chance, so get it here.
  • Last but not least (although this one’s older – it actually launched way back in June), our repository now has an official github mirror. Please note that this is a convenience only; pull requests and issues will still go through our existing Gerrit and Bugzilla sites. The github mirror is very much *just* a mirror, but it is handy to have none-the-less.

That’s all we’ve got for you today, hopefully one or more of the above items caught your eye.