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Wish List: Decent SVG Network Elements

Nmap 5 has a really cool feature: you can scan a network and dump its map to SVG. Inkscape is turning out to be a really nice vector drawing program.

A really useful workflow would be to combine the two:

  1. Map your network using Nmap.
  2. Tweak that map to your liking using Inkscape.
  3. Have a cool map.

Unfortunately this is a harsh, cruel world we live in. The workflow we currently have is:

  1. Map your network using Nmap.
  2. Load the map Inkscape.
  3. Search the interwebs for decent SVG network elements until you have to explain the foul language and crying to your wife.

This is something Visio is famous for (network art, not the foul language and crying). Search for “visio stencils” and you’ll be bombarded with all sorts of network shapes, from major equipment manufacturers to ones that look like crayon art. Where are all the cool SVG network elements? Quantum Bits made a nice start, but we need a lot more than that.

Using Shame and Embarrassment to Promote IPv6

In a previous post I proposed the terms “indoor plumbing” for native IPv6 access and “outdoor plumbing” for tunneled IPv6. I think terminology like this is important. It’s short, clear, and implies an easy-to-visualize hierarchy where anything less than native routing involves uncomfortable exposure to the elements and woodland creatures.

Which leads us to those poor souls with IPv4-only networks.

“Y-you mean to say that you don’t have any modern plumbing at all? (snork) BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

We could use something similar for unsecured wireless connections.