Fluffy Shark

Reader Ro sent in the following pictures:

See the complete set at Flickr. The shark-with-a-tube-of-frosting frightens and confuses me.

2 thoughts on “Fluffy Shark

  1. maddy

    I have the wireshark analyzer installed on my laptop, when I start to capture interface packets, It shows me my entire network/subnet desktop packets, which are not belongs to my ip also.

    My pc ip is 10.173.X.34 but you can see the other desktop traffic also.which is not related to my laptop. Can you please help me why this is happening?

  2. Gerald Combs Post author

    That sounds like what you should normally see when you capture on a LAN connected via a hub. Even in a switched environment you will see spillover from time to time, such as broadcast or multicast packets, or unicast packets to destinations that the switch hasn’t yet learned.

    I’m hoping to have a video out in the next few weeks that shows what happens when you capture on hubs vs switches. Hopefully it will explain what you’re seeing.

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