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Holiday Gift Opening Tip

This is a blister pack:

blister pack

We take gift-giving safety seriously here at the CACE Technologies World Domination Headquarters.

These are aviation shears:

aviation shears

This is what you can do to a blister pack in just a few seconds using aviation shears:


The shears were designed to cut sheet metal. They go through annoying packaging with precision and ease. You know those scissors that can cut through a penny? Aviation shears can cut through a penny and through those scissors.

They’re the best thing I’ve found so far for the job.

New Document Icons

Thanks to Elliott Aldrich the next release of Wireshark will have great-looking document icons. Here’s a preview:

New document icons

It's a trace file, not a commentary on PayPal.

Thanks Elliott!

Fluffy Shark

Reader Ro sent in the following pictures:

See the complete set at Flickr. The shark-with-a-tube-of-frosting frightens and confuses me.